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It all started when I was 13 years old... what started as a hobby with friends, soon became my life's calling. My first camera was actually my mom's brand-new Christmas gift that year.. sorry mom!

Capturing memories and freezing time forever is not only something I am passionate about; It's something that is necessary for you, and your moments to live on forever in future generations.

My goal is always to make YOU feel confident, at ease, and relaxed during every session you have with me :)

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My why,

There have been multiple challenges throughout my life that ultimately led me to the conclusion that today's moments may be our last. I know this may sound bleak but, it truly hit me that it's important to capture these moments regardless of what you feel you look like, what size you are, or how tasking taking photos with loved ones can feel. The photos we take are not only for us to enjoy but, they also serve a purpose for everyone around us to cherish when we are no longer here.

I once had the honor of taking pictures for a family on vacation who told me before the session that a family member had some health issues. They went on to say that we would need to take things slowly during the session due to the physical challenges. The night after our session I was contacted by the client and was told the family member would be flown back the next day to be treated in the hospital. Approximately two months later this family member lost their life. My client was so grateful that they were able to capture their last family vacation together. At that moment I realized this is much more than just a job or a silly session on the beach.

I am truly honored to capture, save, and freeze these moments and I feel a strong responsibility to continue to do so. I ask that you please remember these photos aren't just for you they are for the ones you leave behind, your kids, your grandkids, and everyone who loves you! each session.

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